I've literally only just learned about Maladaptive Daydreaming. I often daydream about dying, usually from a severe blow to the head, such as being in a car accident or falling from a height.

But I do this because I fantasise that I will be sort of reborn into another universe as another person (who I've made up) where I would live this other life I've spent many hours making up in my head. The strange thing  is that this life is far from perfect, it's more life something you'd watch in a movie. For example, I would be neglected as a baby, but adopted when I was 3. Then I would be in a car accident later on and end up being a coma and getting brain damage, but I over-come it and eventually become a neurologist myself.

My daydreams are incredibly precise. Sometimes I even research to make sure that my fantasy life is accurate. I am so obsessed, I actually really wish I was in my fantasy life even though my real life is pretty fine, just a bit boring. The more I daydream, the more it's real. Oh and as you can probably tell, I'm pretty obsessed about the brain.

I would love to hear if you too daydream in a similar way. Do you also research to make sure your daydream would work? Do you daydream of traumatic events so that you can have a happy ending?

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I  do think of alternate universes where my reality,origin, formative experiences are different, and since the formative experiences are different for my character,their endings and experiences are different.I do daydream about traumatic events, but they have traumatic endings.The dreams involve death,mine or others - sometimes the emotions are transferring onto real life,bringing me to tears.

I do,do research especially for characters with a basis in real life-people I briefly know or vaguely have heard about. Occasionally I do research on places in my dreams.Earlier my daydreams were minutely precise but are now becoming vaguer.I think my creative capital has petered out.Earlier when I was really young I would imagine a universe different from conception, like the Will Smith in 'Men in Black' -a world in a world, or a world being controlled by a higher power and we're merely puppets enacting pre-determined roles,that it's an illusion.

You should become a neurologist.

And yes, I do daydream about terrible things happening so that there can be a happy ending. For example, once me and my imaginary people were sent to a prison on another planet and I couldn't break everybody out until a half-hour before we were supposed to be executed.


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