Hey. I'm new to this site.. I was extremely excited to find out I'm not the only one who has been struggling with this for years, so thank you so much to everyone who has posted their stories and experiences! It makes me feel less crazy to have others describe exactly how I feel.


Anyways, I've see the topic of whether music is or is not a trigger for each individual and there were varying responses. For me personally, I find that music can do both for me. It can take me farther from reality or painfully closer to reality.


I have found writing lyrics to be a great outlet throughout the years since I felt unable to ever talk about my MD with anybody in my real life. So I would write songs and record them and even have people listen to them and the songs are ambiguous enough that no one ever knew what was going on or what I was talking about. It felt pretty amazing to be able to do that. I also have songs by other artists that I listen to in order to bring me closer to reality and to keep me in reality.


I thought I would share a link to a soundcloud account of mine that has a couple of the songs I've written about my MD that you guys may be able to relate to. They are mostly about my feelings associated with how I feel about having MD. I know the recordings aren't the best, but I don't really have software for it... It's just an outlet for me. I would appreciate any feedback you guys have on the lyrics or if you can relate at all to how I feel. Here's the link to my account:




Does anyone else have this same experience with music? If so... Would you mind sharing any songs that do keep you in reality? I love finding new music and I think it's a great way of communicating emotions and feelings without actually having to directly say what you are thinking.

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Music is honestly neutral. I mean, it takes me places but it doesn't take me into my daydreams. It doesn't seem to ground me or trigger me. 

I would share music but probably not a good idea. I'd imagine I probably have the perfect music taste as far as triggering MDers: very whimsical, ethereal, electronic, etc.

Music totally takes me into my DD, and not always in a good way. Music can create all sorts of emotions in me so depending on my mood depends on how I react to music.

The music I listen to is very in keeping with my DD and the characters/celebs in them. And that is also not very helpful sometimes.

Music is triggering if it is from a musical or if I heard it somewhere that has significance for me. Otherwise it is not usually triggering. There are a few exceptions though.
Just have to say, I really like your songs. Could you post your lyrics somewhere if that isn't too much to ask? Keep making songs.

Thank you Cyan :)

I am most like Jane when it comes to my DDs. I find that I don't actually need music to daydream but I love putting music with it... almost like a movie I guess?


Writing music does not make me DD though. It's one of the few times I am 100% in reality and most of my songs reflect my emotional realization of how much time I spend out of reality I guess... Which can be scary to think about (at least for me)

Music doesn't trigger me, but when I listen to it while daydreaming it makes the daydreams more vivid and sometimes changes the storyline and gives me ideas.

Trigger for sure. My brain can make any song apply to my daydreams.


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