Mders who have stopped maladaptive dreaming, how do you deal with reality now? Isn't reality bland, serious and have no spark at all?

Maladaptive dreaming have affected me a lot but it's very difficult to think of my life without it. I just that I will deeply regret letting go of it. I am scared that my life will be plain and boring, it's like my entire personality is dreaming and now I will be nothing without it. Does anyone feel me? I just wonder how former dreamers feel after letting go of it? Wasn't it difficult to adapt to this new life? Even if it was hard letting go of it, have you ever felt that you want to come back to being a maladaptive dreamer?

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How do I deal with it? Hahaha, I don't. ; v ; Honestly, I wish there was a machine that could detect that I was daydreaming and just give my head a smack. Till now the only effective thing around me is that one loose tile that clicks loudly when I step on it while pacing. That sound just jolts me out of any dream.


I feel you. Not that my life is boring, but everything which has happened in my life that I was covering up and avoiding, has all come flooding back to me. I think MD was a form of escape and for me I have now found I have a lot of things to deal with. Adapting to this new life is kind of difficult and I have huge regrets, but I really don't want to return back to it. I also want to help others and encourage. 

With love Teresa xx


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