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For about awhile my MDD was just about random things/plot that didnt make since.
Now after I watch a show/movie I MDD about that show/movie for a couple of months. (I.E Doctor who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Being Human.)
Anyone else do this?

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If I really enjoy the show yes. Sometimes I may even be part of a book I have read.

Ya that happens. There are certain type of movies that trigger my DD, specially heroic ones or if I start adoring the lead female character , I start DDing about having a girlfriend or wife like that. I feel stupid afterwards, but its irresistible.

I have my own 'main daydreaming'. but if I try to make another dd that not related to my main dd, I placed it to another 'world'.

and yes, I watch both Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Sherlock (Vasily Livanov). and after watching those, I dd about how they met in time paradox then changing places, making all characters such like John Watson, Lestrade, Mary, Moriarty etc freaked out because their Sherlock was too young/old xD. I've succesfully dd about Livanov Sherlock living in future, but I can't continue the Benedict Sherlock living in past because he's more complex than Livanov.

Sometimes that stuff will make an appearance, but shallowly unless I'm really obsessed. Usually that manifests in one or two characters acquiring a role in my main daydream. What does come to mind though is some movies are very triggering for me. Music doesn't trigger me like I know it does for some, but movies do, especially fantasy ones. Over the holidays I visited my family and we saw a movie that I loved, and I really dislike people talking to me after some movies because they pull me out of the moment. My mom remembered that though, but my sister took my frustration the wrong way and got angry at me. I just get pulled so easily into these other worlds and I'll be in them for hours after I see the movie. Real-life people talking to me ruins it :/

It happens to ne very frequently. When the film ends, i start to daydream about it. Sometimes with the original characters but mostly i add myself as a new character.

As of today I'm going to try and stop daydreaming. One of the reasons for this is because since I daydream from tv shows I have to pause the TV or wait until commercials to daydream and that ruins part of the show for me. 

I would like to enjoy the show a little more rather than pausing the TV. 


For me as well.  I particularly like shows that create their entire worlds for the characters.  I don't think that I am creative enough to come up with truly original storylines.

Yes. I have always done this. Watched a movie and imagined that movie's plot in real life with a idealised me as the main character. I also become obsessed with certain celebrities.  

I used to do this ALL the time, and would watch shows / movies / read books purely for story enrichment and new ideas for day dreaming. Kind of ruined the enjoyment of whatever I was doing, though.

Lost Girl (TV show) and South of Nowhere (TV show) were huge ones for me. 

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