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For about awhile my MDD was just about random things/plot that didnt make since.
Now after I watch a show/movie I MDD about that show/movie for a couple of months. (I.E Doctor who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Being Human.)
Anyone else do this?

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i find alot of people md about those shows lol...
I used to do that, but i started trying to make my own plot lines, incase i ever decide to write it down one day ;P

@ashlee same here about the own plot line, sometimes I don't follow the show. If I come up with a really good story I do write it down.
Yes! I do this. I have a few favorite movies I have loved for decades. One of them is a Disney movie that my little girls would watch over and over again on VHS, and I liked watching it with them. This seems immature since Im a grown woman, but I somehow became emotionally attached to the characters! I felt that this particular movie didn't have a good sequel at all, no sequel in fact. So I made up in my mind what I wished could have become of all the characters, and a few years ago I discovered Fan Fiction. I joined and finally wrote and published my fanfics, and it was very fulfilling. People did like to read them.

This is a fun and positive hobby in my life, but the down side is that I've become addicted to 'fandoms.' I enjoy communicating with others who like to write fanfic for the movies I like, but it HAS become a little obsessive.

To the OP- I also love Doctor Who and Sherlock as well- LOL.
May I ask what movie? :) I love Disney films, but I haven't MDD one yet. I'm sure when I get old I feel the same way as yoü and still love them. Doctor Who and Sherlock are the best

I've daydreamed about shows I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally like (I'm talking about being a hardcore fan!). Sometimes I replay parts of an episode that really like. Other times, I make up little scenes and plots with the show's characters, but nothing too long or elaborate, because I like the show so much that I don't want to change its original plot in my mind. However, my MD is mostly about stories and characters I make up completely in my mind. However, the gratification I get out of daydreaming, regardless of the source of the fantasy, is always great. Also, I've only recently discovered fanfiction and I really enjoy it, but haven't really been much into it because I haven't had the time (MD, books, tv and work take up most of my time, lol). I've thought of writing some fanfiction though, seems like it could be a lot of fun!

In my dreams I grab characters (how they look) from tv and adapt the personalities to suit the person I need. Same with book characters and if I see a interesting stranger or a brief interview with a person. My mind makes a collection of their face and when the plot calls for it i use them

Oh I love Sherlock! I've read that these are common triggers, but I don't think I have any apparent ones that initiate daydreams. I just daydream whenever I'm alone. I have a thing with accents though. I speak in languages and accents that I hear. Sometimes these can be inspired by movies, shows, and games. Is it possible for a person to be a trigger?

I'm not sure, maybe. It is for me sometimes. I spents some time trying to MDD Sherlock and its really hard, it's so complex.
I will talk to myself in a British accent, and observe things like Sherlock does. It seems goofy in retrospect, but at the time I feel really cool.
My daydreams aren't necessary fanfictions, but if I like a show I'll add the characters to my huge group of people that appear in my daydreams. I watch a lot of crime shows, so naturally in my daydreams I spend a lot of time hanging out with the "good guys" from White Collar, Numb3rs, and Law and Order. (I'm only 14, LOL. My mom introduced me to those shows!) I also like Doctor Who. The weird thing is I find myself incorporating those characters into a story even if it has nothing to do with what they do on TV. For example, I might send The Doctor and the Law and Order lawyers on an adventure that has absolutely nothing to do with time travel, aliens, or prosecuting criminals.
I do, especially in movies/shows that can emotionally move me and that I'm genuinely interested in (meaning I can focus on them without zoning out or pacing around) and I always insert myself in the stoyline like an OC in a fanfiction. My "self" is liked by few and has no real special talents or abilities but is sometimes strong and has a relationship (platonic and or romantic) with my favorite character from the movie/show. I'm still myself but with a few tweaks in my physical ability. In fact most of the things I recently watch will have an effect on my MDD until it wears off in about a day or 2.

If I watch a movie I often put myself in it. However, that particular day dream wont last much longer after the movie ends. Then I just return to my usual themes.

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