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Seeing as how this site is turning into a free-for-all wasteland of spam and inactivity, would anyone be interested in joining a Discord server moderated by me and possibly others focused on discussing MDD, the struggles, coping methods, and works of art/writing inspired by our daydreams? This would most likely be a PG-13 type of server, which is to say, cursing and mature content would not be explicitly banned, but obscene and NSFW content would still be forbidden.

For the uninitiated, Discord is a free chat application that you can create what are essentially chatrooms in, not entirely unlike Skype, though there are many advantages is has over Skype that cause me to choose Discord instead. Although it has many features geared specifically towards gamers, it's very simple for anyone to pick up for just about any purpose.

If enough people show interest, I will create the server and post an invitation for anyone who would like to to join.

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I've not been on this site for a little while and I'm shocked to see all the spam that's now here, its obviously putting people off using it which is a pity because its the only one of its kind.  I don't know anything about Discord though, but I'm happy to share my coping strategies with people.

Let's do it lol We can also provide a link here for anyone who'd like to join. I hate to see the site that once was home to me dying by the spam attacks

Voice chatting is optional - if anyone is curious about further mechanics the app is easy to google and free to download if you'd like to explore the features.

This is a good idea. I know there are a few members using facebook and skype groups. This use to be such an active little site. I met some really lovely people here, some I am still in contact with years later. Its unfair to have this site up when there are no moderators. People come looking for help and support only for their messages to be lost amongst the spam. 

Theaxe, you've brought this up before, but it's not relevant to the discussion at hand. I have no experience creating or running forums and can't help you, either with creating one, nor with helping you with Cordellia's $800. Please make your own thread if you're looking for help to start a new forum.

For those still interested, I have created the Discord server. The link is https://discord.gg/k37EFmM. It is free for anyone to join, with or without MDD, as long as they have something to contribute. If you know someone who might like to join but doesn't use this site or hasn't seen this thread, by all means, feel free to give them this link. I'll be bumping this thread semi-regularly to combat the spam. Good luck and, to those celebrating on this fine December 2nd, happy Chanukah!

It's come to my attention that users are struggling to access the basic channels. If you can't properly use the server, please message me - I'm working on a solution to fix this.

Many people are joining and not saying anything, so just to be absolutely clear, you must request your roles in the role channel before you gain access to the rest of the server. If you are struggling to access the help, rules, or roles channels, do not stay silent, contact me, and I will work with you to fix it. I fear people aren't fully understanding how to use Discord, though at the same time, it also just plain feels like people aren't reading what I established in the server : /

Well, tbh the role system seems too complicated. I’ve never encountered it on my other servers (in the way that it prevented using the other functions) and tbh that will most likely be very confusing for all new members. Not everyone will read the comments to this post to work it out - people just come, see there’s no activity and leave. I’d suggest either removing the role thing or make it non-compulsory.

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