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When my MDD was at it's peak, during my 20's, my imagination worked in the funniest ways. My family would watch classic movies between the 40's and 60's. Theater diction and style of voice was so much different in the days. I mean, the 50's was the age of innocence and all the women were "tutti frutti" (etc. Dorris Day, Marilyn Monroe) in how they carried on, especially in films.

Whereas, when we look at our everyday lives, including edgy thrillers and seriously grounded dramas,
I mean, we no longer get on "innocent." We are too desensitized and we saw too much. Women have far more serious matters at hand than looking all "pretty and sashy in pink" in these days. I mean, we now go "Fuck this, fuck that" to people. Ha, ha right?

Getting to the point now. My family would watch a very great classic movie from the 50's, such as Oklahoma! and I would study the female characters. They usually look elegant, girly, dressed in pink or white, have lovely high voices like Snow White...they dance, twirl and prance, they'll flicker their eye lashes and glance down all humble before a advancing gentlemen. I also usually study the way they 'talk and act' around people, like they sound so sweet, nicey and light-hearted (Pleasantville).

Anyway, getting back to MDD. There were moments where I accidentally or even intentionally evoked similar aspects of these female Hollywood characters in my 'every day act.' One time, I was sharing some thoughts with my sister, but in a tone like 'Snow White,' and she honestly started feeling sick just listening to me, because I sounded unbelievably sweet. I guess, another time, I was splayed all over a coach with my eyes shut and my head leaned back, also my arm singly reaching out and my mom cracked a joke on cliche film noir movies where women act like their dying. So she went, I'm dyyyy-iiiiiing."
My whole family laughed, and I had a cow.

I would imagine a parallel universe involving everyone I know in real life, including all of my family, co-workers, peers, townsfolk and friends. In this parallel world everybody gets on equally without imposing biased attitudes on each other, so I get along with everyone fine. Whatsoever, I tend to speak to them in this a more 'distinctive, unimpeachable, credulous and in-genuine voice,' like an innocent and trustworthy woman who always sounds benign and harmless when she talks. AND in my mind they actually go with it! They say "Awe, well yes my dear." When in reality, they'd get all sarcastic and think I'm some idiot!

Other times, I would sit at the kitchen eating lunch and my mind would lose track of 'my time' and the *century*. I will start talking to fictional characters I maybe saw in a few films or TV programs. I would enter their world and appear dressed just like them too. I would imagine how I'd be living with them, how we'd treat each other....going on missions or journeys. So, I will bring two sides of my personality into the stories. Sometimes I'd bring in that 'benign and harmless' female personality in the stories. Other times,
I would bring in my 'casual true Jessica' personality in the stories. So then, the characters will notice I sound so ahead of my time, but think that's cool.

I don't know, it was very interesting experimenting with movies, time travel and meeting people who couldn't possibly exist.

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I'm kind of a history buff, so a LOT of my MDD incorporates other time periods and people. Yes- I actually have pintrests boards of fshions etc to fit the current daydream. I now it sounds weird, but I'm SO glad I found this site and know I'm not the only one.

Sometimes I have the urge to research things in order for accuracy in my daydreams. I also have a love of history and sometimes transport my characters to different time periods just for the hell of it. Really, I would love to invent a time machine but these daydreams are the closest thing I have for now. 

My daydreams have always been inspired by movies, T.V shows, or just everyday activities. I'm pretty sure I first started day dreaming after watching High School musical in 2006. So I've been daydreaming for about a decade. Fuck. 

I've been day dreaming for three decades.

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