I'm a 34-y/o INTP female. I believe that I daydream maybe because my Feeling function is the least developed. Through MD I explore feelings I can't in real life, feelings I avoid in real life. For instance, daydreaming allows me to explore feelings and emotions I'm actually unwilling to experience in the real world, like romantic love and even sex. I'm introverted and very rational, and the main characters of my stories are rational and introverted as well, though not in the same degrees that I am. Only the supporting roles are sometimes feeling or extroverted types. I don't ever take part as a character of my daydreaming, even though I'm aware that my characters derive from myself.

Now, my main characters do fall in love and do things I won't allow myself in real life. To clarify, I have experienced romantic love and sex, I just have a terrible time understanding the feelings and emotions that come along, and quite frankly they don't seem worth the trouble in the real world. I don't like or understand drama. I also don't like losing control and, most importantly, I love the freedom that comes with not being romantically committed to anyone else. I just don't rationally understand the "perks" of being in a romantic relationship. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I don't want to marry or have kids, because all of it seems just annoying and useless. Romance and sex in fantasy are quite pleasurable, but in reality they seem like an awful lot of trouble and risk for a very minimum and senseless reward.
Also, being an INTP means I spend most of the time inside my head, which allows me to create and live in imaginary worlds. I love sci-fi and fantasy, I get immersed in these amazing worlds and get really attached to tv/book characters, I suffer what they suffer, struggle as they struggle, laugh as they laugh, love as the love, etc. I'm like a child in that respect. I am a hardcore fan of some franchises. I don't cosplay and don't really collect stuff, but I LIVE the stories and endlessly re-watch/re-read whatever shows, movies, comics or books I love. Sometimes I daydream about my favourite sci-fi or fantasy characters, but as stated above, it usually has something to do with romance and sex.
Finally, in anticipation of any criticism towards personality tests, I just want to make clear that MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) for me is a tool that helps me understand myself better. I used to think I was crazy because of my unusual personality, until I discovered this test a couple of years ago. After finding out I was INTP, it all just made sense. I don't think everybody fits perfectly into 16 personality types. Human beings are far more complicated, no doubt. But for me, MBTI has proven very useful as a guide.
So, is anybody else here interested in MBTI? Anybody else here can relate to what I've described?

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Im an ESTP. I think it helps better in career choices, not sure if I can relate MDD to it

You make some interesting points.  I am also emotionally detached for much the same reasons as you list and I also do experience strong emotions (safely) via DDs.  I am also very very weak in the Feeling function of the Myers-Briggs. INTJ.


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