The rules are simple, Ill start with a sentence and everyone adds on to the story. 

It can a phrase, a narration - Basically ANYTHING that you can imagine! 

However, try to keep things short and sweet. :D

Here goes! 

Todd was feeling rather odd this morning. He had a good breakfast, A good night's rest... but he could not shake off this feeling that something was terribly wrong.

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"How did you find their weakness just by knowing that?' asked a extremely bewildered Todd.

"It matters... but come with me!" The girl pulled Todd away from his bedroom. For some reason, he had a feeling it would be the last time he ever saw it...

It being serenity. God, can't a guy have a nice day at home doing nothing without being bothered by people who are going to turn us to cacti.  I swear if I had a nickel for every time I hear the word cacti or cactus....  

...I'd have at least 3. Todd sighed heavily, stopping only to eat a slice of egg.

"TODD! NO!" the girl yelps as todd shoves the piece of hard boiled egg in his mouth. "DONT BREAK YOURE RECORD NOW! YOUVE BEEN VEGAN FOR TWO YEARS!"

He was aware of a sensation in his nose. <Why is my nose so itchy today!> He thought, annoyed by yet another interruption from his daily routine. <I'll have to check if I have to trim my nose hair.> Todd walked with firm steps into the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom he saw all the mirrors had been broken. He picked up a fragment of broken glass and looked through it. "Why does everything look.....

green?" he asked. "Because your entire head has turned into a cactus!" cried the girl. He stumbled back, shocked by what she had just told him. He felt his face to see if it were true and then....


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