While I am maladaptive daydreaming I call it My World. And in my world is a whole new different story of characters I have created in this physical world and one main character that I see myself as or (the person that I wish I could be but am not) she is the main leader in this story. Over the years I've thought up this characters whole life story, from her birth to her death. I know all her flaws and mannerisms by heart. Iv'e created her husband,children, mother,fathers, siblings, friends. I guess you could say I know her just as well as myself. You come up with different story lines and scenarios for your characters(in my situation I even act them out). I was wondering if anyone else ever has a lack of inspiration for their characters. You feel like you're replaying a situation over and over again. You want new ideas and inspiration to make your time more enjoyable but sometimes you have inspiration block.   

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Hi Emily

I don't have one daydream which stays with me like yours and I change characters based upon the person who is my main love interest I guess. 

I have found sometimes I can get a block too where nothing seems to happen. I feel I am stuck in reality until something prompts me to day dream again. I've had this recently and it can be freeing and also frustrating for me.

I feel lost without my daydreams sometimes I draw from everyday experiences like being at work or seeing friends what would it be like if my characters were there with me.


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