Hi, it's nice to find somebody whose just like me. 

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Hi Jessica, nice to see you again! We've all sort of been disconnected for a long time now. I look forward to great discussion from here on out. :)

Sorry , probably in wrong place here , it’s my age , just wanted to thank you for your reply and kind words , it’s not easy living in a world deliberately chosen to leave then come back and find very little in common there
, I’m almost 50 , and yet in fact I’m still a child stuck in 1987
But we press on
Only way
Soon this disorder due to the groundswell of efforts of people like us
Going back in fact to the same subject ( the AIDS crisis in the 1980s that both horrified and fascinated me and which I still don’t have stupid man , anyways a lot of these early men and a few women who were dying young and fit for no apparent reason from at the time God only knows what )
Well when the researches from the CDC went all over the U.S asking in fact very intrusive questions at a time when admitting you were gay lost you your job , home , family and insurance
Point is these people all knew they weren’t gonna be saved , but they helped the researchers anyways, to save future generations
These forums are a tiny bit like that
Kindest regards
x james

I'm new to the group, and feel the same way.  It's nice to feel supported and understood, and know you're not alone.  

Thank you for sharing, Jessica!


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