If you were to wake up one morning in your daydream fantasy, what would like be your reaction/feelings about it?

i've always thought about it and when I was little I would wish I could do for days but nothing ever happened lol.

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Lately, as my life has gotten more shittier than ever and I feel more trapped in it than ever before... I wish I could just wake up there and never return, but surely, with my luck... I bet the whole thing would turn into hell, just like in the movies when the main character has the chance to ask for some wish to the devil or some magic fairy, it always backfires at them.

Still, I think I'd be better there, and I don't think I would freak out, I'd be delighted and enjoy it fully until problems started to show up, but after all in my daydreams, depending of the scenario, I'm a genius, or I have supernatural powers, or I'm a music genius, and I have a great job that makes me lots of money... so even with some problems I'd be bound to feel happier there, as it would mean some of the things I want the most would be “real” and would not disappear when I stop thinking about them.

Sorry for the tone anyway, I'm right in the middle of one of my deep depressed phases (which are too frequent I'm afraid)

Probably faint from happiness, at first. I have more than one world, so I guess it would depend where I wound up. Still, would be totally awesome, I get unreasonably excited thinking about that happening, sadly.

I used to wish when I was little, too, like when someone blew out birthday candles, haha. 

If it was at the VERY beginning of a daydream, I would be a bit happy. In my daydreams, the main character usually becomes a martyr.

I did switch characters once, though. If it were that daydream I woke up in, and as my second character, I would be happy.

If I woke up in my main daydream world, I'd probably feel uncomfortable. I don't interact with my characters in my daydreams, so I would just be a stranger to them. Most of the time, I daydream them in the modern world (and even in a house like mine), so it wouldn't be a huge difference from real life. Other times, they live in horrible places/situations because I'm addicted to drama. I can't say that I'd want to experience the same stuff I make them go through hahaha.


But if I woke up in my side daydreams, where I'm a famous person, I have wings, and other fun things like that, I could see myself enjoying those. xD

I would be very happy to wake up in my DD.
if i could wake up as the character that's based on myself, then i would be so happy. <3 i actually have two characters that are based on myself, but it wouldn't matter which one i woke up as because i would be happy being either one. but i would hope that someday i'd be able to go back to the real world.
I don't think I would ever be unhappy again.

It really depends, I daydream like a million things.


The ones about being in a relationship with my celebrity crush would be amazing to wake up in though :3

First, I would probably FREAK OUT, then I would start laughing hysterically thinking it was a joke.  After I got done laughing, I would probably go exploring to convince myself it was real.  Once I realized it was real, I would probably be depressed and scared because, as much as I like daydreaming, there is no way I would want to LIVE in that world!

Well i would....


2. faint

3. makeout with my totally gorgeous imaginary boyfriend (ya know just make sure it was real *wink*wink*)

4.Test out all my superpowers especially flight

5. then continue with my story which always end in a happy ending <3


sigh.... if only if only...


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