Ok, iv had MD since my teens and I'm now 28. I can't seem to decide on a suitable career. I get bored easily. But it's occurred to me that MD could quite possibly be a gift! Not everyone has such a vivid imagination and can think like we do. Is there any kind if career out there I could pursue, that could make use of my imagination?

Nicola xxx

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One cannot be successful in any profession whether it may be creative or boring without a certain level of self discipline. So, first of all we need to cultivate that, which is by the way the most difficult job for a MDDer, but again, "SUCCESS HAS NO SHORTCUTS". And only after you cultivate this, you will be able to use your DD productively in any field, even in the creative ones. You can see, all the famous writers, movie makers, and other artists are well disciplined. You won't find J.K. Rowling daydreaming about the next potter book all day long! Instead she would have some time allotted for the job, otherwise how will she be able to write the story she has thought about, or go for the promotion of the book!!

MDD just tells that your mind has more creative capacity than others, but to use that capacity productively, requires a lot of efforts and dedication, otherwise you would be a failure even in the most creative of the jobs.

So, instead of trying to find a job that suits your MDD(which no job does), try making your MDD suit the job you have in hand. Wouldn't that be a better and more creative approach to life!!

So, you already have a creative assignment in front of you, that is to fit yourselves into your respective jobs. Why to look for another one??

Totally agree with the above. As an author and musician, the easy bit is deciding to follow your talents and produce your creative work. The hard bit is the business and promotional side of it. It requires a lot of self discipline. You're the only one holding yourself to it and no one is paying you to do any of it. Without the latter, it's just a hobby. 

I can't think of a career path that would suit MD. Just some less than others. Eventually, every job will require you to focus for sustained periods.

In a creative career, you often motivate yourself with the very thing that triggers your MDing - the outside chance of a high reward. 

Perhaps it's not so much creativity, but variety that is the most important key because that way you will be bored less frequently, having to resort to day dreaming to stay stimulated.

Also, while something introverted/creative can be great, such as writer, illustrator or musician, MDD's should benefit from some social structure to keep both feet on the ground a bit more. So part timing multiple jobs and then doing something creative on the side may be ideal.

For a job it's important not to be monotonous or it requiring long periods of concentration because you'll make mistakes. Honestly I don't know right now what the best job to choose is but because of my considerable Information Technology background I'm thinking helpdesk: a 9 to 5 job so I have enough time for my own business. 

The concept of a "calling" is an obvious truth for some people at a very early age and seems fairly useless for others. It seems to require the luck of matching with something that just happened to be on your path. Also, somebody else may have already taken your "dream" job, if it exists at all...and it's usually the less tedious jobs that are taken first.

I think that as an "entrepeneur" you would have the most freedom to decide how exactly your creative things will be done. This is what I chose, it's just that I can't expect to completely make both ends meet. I will bring out unique card games via the internet mostly.

Writing a novel is another dream I have but I need focus. Since I do love to write I also saw potential in doing jobs for GreatContent to make some extra money but I have not tried it out.


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