I was just wondering if anyone else does this weird thing i do. Sometimes when i am in the car or a bus or any moving thing like that i imagine myself or on occasions someone else running on the road/path/ground next to me . I make them jump over trees and dough cars and stuff like that. Most of the time they are running but they can also fly if i make them. The person does flips too if i want them too. I hope i explained that ok. I have no idea why i do this, i guess it keeps my mined occupied. 

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i do that too! also i sometimes pretend me or my character driving in a car next to the one i'm in :p yeah i think it makes travelling more fun to be honest.

Same here! My characters go grocery shopping with me even. I always make them blend in with the crowd. Sometimes I imagine myself doing crazy things, like jumping/flying over a ton of steps just to catch the bus, and everyone's like "wow." lol xD

I do it too.

Same here, I do that!  I've never really thought about it as anything unusual; I've never thought to ask if anyone else does it.

I absolutely do that!  I used to sort of freak myself out with it, actually, because once I started I couldn't stop.

Haha I do the same thing. But only if I'm not driving. I never really thought of that having to do with daydreaming. I just blamed it on bordom

Well, somewhere in my DD i got some horses (slowly got more, now there's 6, and they're sentient and have different coloured eyes) and sometimes I imagine them running alongside the car. Not often, though, because usually I'm imagining something else

That's is actually extremely common, I'm not sure why. I've seen it talked about elsewhere even, haha.


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