Hi can anyone write me I just know about my MD

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Is MD Manic Depressive, Bi-Polar? If so, I can relate. I'm 66, worked as an underappreciated/underpaid IT geek until age 50. Then I crashed, my brain stopped. I was diagnosed Bi-Polar & prescribed meds, I slept 20-24 hrs a day. Before meds I was so creative, a paid costumed performance artist on weekends. I'd work my straight job Mon-Fri where they praised me 4 my super fast performance, then play on weekends. I created some amazing art-pics, jewelry, boots.  The bi-polar meds shut me down. in order 2 create I would have 2 go off my meds 4 days. 15 years later I've been re-diagnosed PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this med is working. I'm creative but it's not the same. I doubt I'll ever b able 2 create what I did 40 years ago. I DO miss the creation, but I cherish the ability 2 live on my own without a caretaker.


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