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You guys, I know you love to MDD. I have to tell you this. If you really want to begin a relationship with someone or even be successful at a career or talent. DO NOT daydream at all, And for a few good reasons.
People can see what your doing and it doesn't leave a good impression. This might bomb your chances.
If you've been excessively daydream for years, as if you live and breathe it. It's seriously going to numb your senses and maybe shrink your mind.

After I stopped daydreaming, my jaw dropped at what I didn't see and understand while I lived in my head, also why people kept disliking me as a person. I've spent years wondering why I failed to develop a social life, even make a single friend. I realized that I was so preoccupied with my imaginary worlds that it drew me away from working out plans and attempting to get out more often, even pay attention to people.
All I ever understood was the "world of me."

I was holding onto something that I desired so much (this has been going on for 2 decades) that I literally almost condemned all of my hobbies and interests. I just successfully got back into my painting mode after many, many months of not committing to it. In fact, I found it so hard to get productive at anything after I stopped MDD.

I learned that you can MDD all you want, but your not going to be successful, unless you try something  out for real. And pay attention to people for real.

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