I Have a Day Dream Star "Living Character" in My Head


I will be brief with this and  I hope others can relate and enjoy it.  

I have been an extreme day dreamer all of my life, creating elaborate fantasy worlds in my head.   I have a similar story to many I have read about on this forum so far and I have  most of the symptoms listed for maladaptive day dreaming.  I am fifty years old, married with grown children and a professional educator.  

In the course of my life I have been able to actually apply my day dreaming to creative pursuits.  My day dreaming became the source for artistic expression and writing.  I have an art gallery based on my day dream imaginary world at http://mistgod.deviantart.com/

I have a "day dream star" living character (a character who has become very real over time and seemingly semi-autonomous).  Her name is Melian.  I actually "channel her" (portray with a form of method acting)  online.  Here is her deviantart page and profile: http://melianofmist.deviantart.com/

I wrote a book about Melian here in PDF form:  http://melianofmist.deviantart.com/art/The-Book-of-Melian-509605338

Anyway.  That's it in brief.  If you have any questions or comments I would be happy to go into more detail.  

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It's cool that you "channel" Melian. I've never known of anyone doing this here :D

It all started when I had an art block about two years ago.  I was about ready to give up on art.  I have little running day dreams of Melian constantly, imagining her interacting with me.  These seem extremely real to me.  She suddenly piped up "Why don't I draw something?"

The idea of Melian drawing something through me was too cool to pass up!  I had heard of artists channeling spirits before, but never an imaginary character.  It seemed the perfect way to break the art block.  

What happened next was really amazing!  I created a separate Deviantart account for Melian.  Artists naturally commented on her stuff.  So, I imagined she was answering back and "typed for her" imagining her voice, inflections and emotions and intent in my mind.  And BAM I was day dreaming about her typing at people!  Interactive day dreaming!  NO WAY!  It was the coolest thing that had ever happened and a huge rush.  It just seems so REAL when Melian chats. It helped that I have been an avid player of role playing games for decades.  It was easy for me to just drop into character or "channel" her like method acting.   In my mind, I see her typing and interacting, I see her facial expressions and body language.  I feel when she gets emotional.  I move with her.  It is intense and I was instantly addicted to it.  So my day dreaming addiction became an internet addiction overnight.  

Oh and doing art with her is so fun!  I get all these images of the types of things she likes and what she wants to draw.  Then we sort of "blend" and collaborate on the work.  The end results have surprised me and it is really an amazing experience.  

The rest is history.  Melian made a lot of friends and continues to grow as an internet semi-autonomous imaginary person.  She would love to chat with you sometime.  LOL    


Hi, I don't have what you are describing but have similar. I have chatted with others like you here before.

Hi to MM and what is the Teddy Bears name?


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