Do you plan out and decide everything your daydream characters do, is if influenced by real life, or do the characters sometimes demand that things happen.


Some of my stuff I plan, especially about the background characters-she has a very large family, and most of the things that come up with them are when they have babies that need to be added to the family tree. I plan those in advance, when one group is born, I decide who will be next (half the family want large numbers of kids, so I decide to just give them a kid based on the patterns between their last one-usually 2 years). Or I just think "Wow, it would be really cool if this thing happens with one of the characters" and plan it so it happens.


Some of it is based on real life-the character is a bit based on me and some of the characters are based on my own family and friends. When real things happen, I write it into the story in some way, like I write in the births of real life baby relatives to the characters based on the families, or add people in when they get in a serious relationship or get married. Other things are somewhat based on real life events-I get inspired by things, and add it into the story. Maybe I watch a movie or TV show about something happening and think it would be fun if something like that happened to one of my characters, or maybe hearing a lot of stories about pregnant celebrities might make me more likely to add a baby to one of the main character's families. Same with weddings-when gay marriage was legalised in my country, one of my gay characters got married a few months after.


Others just happen. My characters can sometimes plant ideas in my head and get just a bit demanding. At the moment my main wants another baby. Her 16th kid is 15 months old. Also she would like a new house that is bigger, six bedrooms isn't enough. Another main character is pregnant at the moment (only very early on), she is reminding me that it could be twins or triplets, but I didn't plan on that so I really don't think so-anyway, her quintuplets are only two. She needs to start having them in ones, the quintuplets are just the result of her being sneaked fertility drugs by her insane parents who wanted the attention now they cant have their own kids. The main characters also name their own babies, I don't always agree with their choices. Sometimes when you think of characters, they have a tendency to write their own stories.

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It builds up as I go along.

During times when it is at it's worst, the story writes itself. It is like me being tied to a chair and forced to watch a movie, usually a traumatic one. When it is less I have more control and can change things when it starts to get upsetting.

It depends. Usually everything is planned, but sometimes when I get really deep into it the story writes itself. I call that being "in the zone". It happens after I've been daydreaming for a couple hours straight and/or if I'm really tired. Sometimes it just happens for no reason (when that happens it kind of freaks me out).


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