im sitting here in my backyard having that i-want-to-hit-my-head-off-a-wall-because-i-dont-know-who-i-am-and-im-not-happy-about-anything feeling and it hit me. i was thinking about how i dont have many friends and i dont want want to be friends with anyone from my school because....yuck. i realize now that i dont want to be friends with anyone because none of them match up to my daydream characters and ill never have a friendship like them. i pretty much only have one friend, and sometimes i feel like she puts me second when i put her first. my characters wouldnt do that to eachother....and theyre close and do everything together and have alot in common yet their so different and skejlaksfja;sdhf
if i could explain my daydream it would make sense but.....yeah.

this is making me have high expectations for everything and its making em unhappy. but i dont want to stop because what else will comfort me?

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I think I can relate. It's so easy to imagine something much better than reality. However, don't you think MD is the thing that probably makes our reality worse? A lot of us probably neglect building quality relationships or getting involved in real world activities that would matter to us because of excessive daydreaming. Then our options become daydreaming or living our neglected, colorless lives. It seems to be a compulsive behavior that reinforces itself by eliminating or worsening all other options. Does it seem that way to you?


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