Like most I feel lucky to have found this site. I am amazed at both the similarities and vast differences among us.

I did not have this my whole life or even continuously. The first time was 6th grade- 11 years old. While not a trauma really there was a lot of cr@p  going on in my life at this time that I truly believe planted the seed for this.

I have really never had a fantasy realm dd. It might be my age-40s and not growing up with this as much as you younger ones. 

Some people have asked about triggers. Caffeine may be one for me. Music to a point, but not as much as some people. I have never really paced or rocked either.  

I must say i am astounded by the number of people on here who have very negative dd. In mine there is little to no dysfunction.

I do find this to be an addiction. I'm not sure I am ready to be in the camp that thinks it is perfectly all right though. I have yet to form an opinion on this. I actually try really hard to make time with family and friends, and finding things to do socially. I am always planning the outings, to balance it out maybe.

I rarely have trouble sleeping. The dd are a great way to lull me to sleep.

I am in no way ready to live openly about this.



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I had not thought about caffeine being a trigger. Music is one for me and walking. I walk laps for exercise, with a mp3 player, and am in a totally different world the whole time. 

I agree that I am also in no way ready to live openly about it, at least with family. No way I'd tell my husband! I have told a councilor and will tell a psyciatrist in 2 weeks. But not family.

My dds keep me up all night unless i take a sleeping pill. 


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