Last time I posted on here I was 16, I'm about to turn 20 in June. So it's been quite a while. 

I've been a daydreamer since I was a kid like most of you guys on here. When I posted here in 2012 I was worried it would keep on affecting my life negatively in several ways and get in the way of my education and it did. 

Knowing did not deter it to ruining my life, it happened. I was watching it motionless and I couldn't/didn't stop it. It did end up happening. 

I didn't get the SAT score I wanted, I didn't get the scholarship or the college I dreamed of for so long, cause I was distracted dreaming about fake shit. 

I couldn't even write well or do anything creative well either, cause the procrastination and daydreaming hindered that too.

I ended up in a college I hate, stagnant, and the self loathing and the fact that I failed and disappointed myself and others just made me daydream more.

I have no way to end this except keep on trying. 

Anyway, it's good to be back ^_^

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Welcome back! :D

and have a hug!


it sucks life turned out like this, but I like to think that not all is lost yet. Still plenty of life left ;) Just keep hoping and fighting!

I'm a fellow dreamer, been here since 2014. It seems like my life is going exactly the same as you described yours went :s but hey, I'm an optimist. Unless whene I'm not. But rightnow I am ;)

If you want to talk about anything here, you always can :) people in the chat are always nice (whene they're there :p )

Welcome back BN, I hope you'll find some rest again here <3

Even though it's really difficult right now, I believe that it's definitely not too late to turn your life around. Life can get discouraging sometimes, and it's okay to feel down, but remember that there is always so much more life has to offer than what is currently around us, and sometimes it's really hard to realize this fact. Definitely stay hopeful, try out different approaches, and know that no matter how long you've been battling MD, there is a way out!

I would start off by taking up certain habits that can make your real life better for the time being. For me, exercising, eating healthy foods, cooking, drawing, and listening to inspiring motivational videos has helped tremendously. Also, try your best not to beat yourself up. The fact that you're alive here an now is an accomplishment so amazing on it's own that we often fail to acknowledge. Take up something fun and interesting, and watch your passion grow!

Good luck!


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