I'm Natasha and I'm 14 i read the twilight saga about 2 years ago and loved it i didn't start daydreaming till about a year ago when i went on to a website called fanfiction which gives you other plots that people made up but puts the twilight characters there, i started to emagen my own plots with the characters and some time replace me with them with a fantasized version of me some times more pretty or popular, i feel safe when i do it i can stop but when i get bored it starts agien

So then my imagination need something els to fuel it so i would watch videos on youtube like interviews with Celebes and pretend they where the characters or even me.

i can lie im bed all day and daydream and sometimes i feel like the time flys im scared that it will get worse i need some advise. It started out as some thing to pass the time but now i cant think about what it was like before 


help help help



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Hi, Natasha. I'm so sorry you're going through this. This sounds like what I've been going through all my life. I wish I had an answer to give you. If you can distract yourself with anything else you like to do.......anything physical & active, so you can't daydream while doing it, that might help a little. I'm not very athletic but have always enjoyed walking. However I had to stop because I'd always daydream. Maybe try something that requires more attention, or you'll fall on your face. Many people seem to find that music makes them daydream. This won't necessarily be the same for everyone, but it's good to know what triggers you & try to limit that. I'm struggling pretty hard with this myself, so I understand. I promise you I'm looking for answers & trying to get the word out, so people will understand us & we won't feel so weird. We do tend to judge ourselves a lot, and it's not right. There's nothing bad about us. We even have strengths that others may not have, like our imaginations. The more we speak up, the better we'll feel. One day I hope we can all stand strong & proud. Please know you're not alone & you have a support system. If you find anything that works, feel free to share.
Natasha, I'm sorry you're going through this, I was about the same age when I started daydreaming. Try to stay away from the triggers that make you daydream the most, athough I know daydreaming can just begin without necessarily any specific triggers throughout the day. The best solution I find is to try to interact with others, I'll go for a walk with my father just so I'm not alone in the house because I know that being by myself is an invite for the daydreaming to begin. Like most others on this site I have trouble being social with others, but sometimes you have to force yourself to be around others even though it's difficult, and then to remain zoned in to your surroundings. Today I forced myself to stay in tuned to my surroundings when I went for a walk by myself, I kept saying in my head what actually was in front of me to keep myself from going off into my fake scenarios. I hope you find something that works for you.
Hi, Natasha. I honestly don't have any helpful advice for you but I just wanted to say for me it also started with Twilight. I started when I was about 10 and I'm not much older now. I've drastically moved away from twilight and my daydreams have totally different characters now but I too still watch YouTube videos to help with my daydreams.

Hi, Natasha! 


First off, you are definitely not alone.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan.  After hungrily devouring the books and films, my daydreaming began to center around the characters.  I soon got into Harry Potter fanfiction, and gosh, it continued to feed my already uncontrollable daydreaming.  A  great deal of my time is spent daydreaming about characters in the series (often envisioning myself as one of the characters, male or female) and I even daydream about the fanfics that I read (ESPECIALLY works-in-progress!).  I will also read/watch interviews with the actors in the films and daydream of being one of them--I'll invent an entire film career for myself where I'm starring in the Harry Potter films and I'm doing photoshoots and magazine interviews.  It consumes hours of my life and I know how scary it is.


Books and films tend to trigger daydreams and, from what I've been learning, fanfiction is also a trigger.


The only advice I can give you is to stay away or at least cut down on anything Twilight related.  Steer clear of the fanfics!  It sounds like you only really daydream of things that pertain to Twilight, so restricting your time in the Twilight fandom seems prudent.


Good luck to you, sweetie.  I know it's frightening, but you're not alone. 


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