Has anyone wondered about pacing while daydreaming?

So I'm in third year medicine and I've been daydreaming for the last 8 years. I realized few months ago that my problem was MD and that many people suffered MD as well.
As I read the wikipedia article about MD the thing that really catch my attention was the pacing symptom. I do that every time  I daydream but I don't remember when I started doing it. And I think it's curious that so many people do that while daydreaming, it's like a common instinctive reaction of he humans while daydreaming. 

Does any one remember when he/she started doing that or knows why do we do that?

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I also pace and talk to myself when I day dream. I do have those day dreams that give me the urge to run. My body oftens acts out parts of the day dream and I cant control it. Like if Im fighting someone I swing, or jerk like im swing. I even laugh if its something funny.

I also have the same issue, I cant day dream for line while standing up without making the movements of my day dream. I often close my eyes and talk to myself when I day dream also does anyone have this problem? People ask me why do you fall asleep standing up and talk to yourself so much? Im like I  wasnt sleep my eyes were closed and they get annoyed really fast, especially in the military.

Jessy said:

I don't just pace, I run and jump. I remember doing that since I was small. I think it's my body responding to need for movement, probably something to do with adrenaline and the brain which is responsible for such vivid, intense daydreams that I cannot keep in the head alone. That said, I agree with Eretaia above - it's the same thing as dancing to music.

I was never pacing, but in my first years of daydreaming I would throw a small ball on my rooms wall for hours. So this was also an accompanying movement.

I started DD when I was in 4th or 5th grade - so how old is that? 10 or 11 maybe??  And I started pacing at almost the same time - within a few months of the DD happening more and more frequently. Every time I could find an excuse to be alone in my room - especially if I could put on music - I would start the pacing. 

Re the post by RexFeral:

That  is exactly how it is for me. It's more "fun" when I pace, but I can DD without it. Also, my DD almost never turn off.  They're in the back of my mind from the moment I wake until I fall asleep, unless I am really concentrating hard on something - like a problem that require a lot of focus at work, or watching an intense movie.

RexFeral said:

I pace sometimes, like if I'm alone. It doesn't make my daydreams more vivid, I just feel a pleasureable burst of energy or adrenaline that makes me want to move. I can daydream without the pacing though. Infact most times I do it without pacing because my daydreams never "turn off". I don't experience a start or end time. I am always daydreaming regardlessof the situation, 24/7.

I was told it was to do with escapism from childhood.

same thing happens to me 2 .....i go just like for hrs min dding .....for me whn i get over depressed or listen to music ..


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