Has anyone ever daydreamed about real people in their lives?

And did it feel awkward afterward or were you alright?  If I fall back into MD, I want to be able to imagine real people in daydream but I'm scared I wouldn't be able to look them in the eye...

By the way, I'm new here.  I have a history of MD from a very young age, but I managed to overcome it completely last year.  Lately, I've daydreamed a few minutes here and there, but I'm scared of relapsing.  When I daydream, I avoid having romantic or sexual fantasies although, I used to daydream about those things when I was younger.



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The only real people that I think about when I daydream are my direct family.  I like to contemplate how they would feel about me going on whatever adventure I'm going on.  Sometimes they're adventuring with me, but other times they're back at home.


I adopt most of the appearances of my characters from fiction or artwork.  Oddly enough, I can't stand to imagine a real-life person naked or in a sexual situation.  While imagining sex with an attractive person may turn most people on, it's a cold turn-off for me because it makes me feel so awkward.  I feel irrationally ashamed.  I'm not sure whether this is a symptom of sexual repression or the cause of it--all I know is that I'd rather imagine an intimate relationship with a fictional person than a real one, to the point that it interferes with actually dating.


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