I was reading an article called "The myth about Fantasy Prone Personality (FPP)" which is somewhat related to MD, and what caught my attention was I read that FPP is actually psychic abilities. And I agreed with this theory because some of my DD's HAVE came true, which I think is strange. Has this happened to anyone else?

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If you believe it is possible to have psychic abilities, then yes, FPP could be psychic ability. Of course, believing in psychic ability means you have a Fantasy Prone Personality.

I don't believe any psychic has true psychic abilities. I don't believe people make things happen just by thinking about them.

I have had daydreams come true. I don't believe there is anything psychic about it. Otherwise, why don't psychics win lotteries?

I'm with EludeMF, my DDs are not possible.


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