im willing to be a guinea pig. :)


Im going to give up MD even though it sucks ass. I want o find a way to merge the two. with fiocus and clarity,. its an astonishing gift we have if we can harness it. and this is what im going to do.


so... any experiments u want me to try? like methods for giving up? ill be logging my moods, needs and triggers in hopes to find some kind of way out of this head of mine. 


ill be starting an online journal any advice would be muchly appreciated. :) if you would be willing to give me any help along the way ill be grateful. you know how horrible this is.  ill start the journal tomorrow when i have a construct composed to stop me rambling :) x

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Hi, Elisha.  What works for me is just distraction.  Are there any things.........big or small........that really interest you in the outside world?  Things you've always wanted to try but been too shy?  Anything that would inspire you enough to keep you absorbed?  When I just let myself do anything else that I want that's healthy, I end up running out of time  and don't daydream as much.  I stay up and don't go to bed until I'm really tired, so I can't daydream as much.  That helps.  Why not blog here and say what works and what doesn't?  We'd love to read about your progress.  It may help other people who need ideas.  You might figure out something that works.  Good luck!
Writing alone can also help.  Have you tried writing stories or anything?  Even blogging helps.  Write whatever's on your brain.  You might get inspired and find this rewarding.  Try anything that will absorb you and get you out of your head for awhile.

I just joined, but I've had this MD thing for years. The best way to treat the problem it I found was to invest the idea's into some like a novel, write it down or if your good at music, write music, and if none of those are something you excel at trying drawing it on paper. That works as a way to exercise the thought or vision from your mind or so I believe.  




















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