How much does the music you listen to influence the daydream? For example, do you with intent pick upbeat songs to plan for an upbeat daydream & more subdued music for a somber daydream? Or do you FIRST hear the song, & that sets the tone? Meaning, does the music dictate the nature of the DD, or do you plan around an already established theme? Sorry, that's a whole lot of questions! :-)

Personally, I find that I pick the music to set the stage for my DD. Only rarely will I hear a great song & have it dictate how my DD will be.

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Same with me i also pick the music for the scenes.

Agreed. It's always film soundtracks for me as they are most moving. I can either create my own science or I can basically watch a whole film in my head just buy listening to the sound track and play the scenes in my head. It's pretty cool when bored however if much prefere if my brain would remember more useful things than films and quotes.


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