February  2012. 
January was one of the "healthiest" months of my life, it had it's ups and downs. But it was mostly up! We all did great things this month, small steps to bring our real life selfs closer to our  DD personas. Great job girls! Roxanne: the "double" birthday and for sticking with it, Elizabeth :on find a charity that you want to devote your time to and your lovely wedding plans, Sasi: getting back in health mode after the holidays!  
Pat ourselves on the back an look forward! I really recommend reading this article....

Clearly this will not be us! 

So looking forward, my targets for February are: 

Maintain current routine of:
8h of sleep,
only dd about the real me,
balanced eating,
keep my home clean and tidy. 

Additional goals: 
Get the fundamentals of touch typing down,
learn to read and write my mom's native language,
organize and sync computer/calendar/cellphone,
get proper apps for my phone,
work on my management conference homework,
research for my "team of experts" good dermatologist, skin technician, orthodontist, therapist... and set  appointments,
plan my summer holiday,
optimize my time management skills using Randy Pausch's lecture as a modell,
write and analyze a blog post summary of january,
look into an additional health care insurance plan,
make a budget plan for 2012.

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I lost my whole edited version.  That was in response to Jules.  Sasi must have been posting at same time.

Sasi - it's so nice to have you back

I was on Dukan & doing well, but now may have kidney stones, so backing off high- protein diet.  See urologist tomorrow.

Dukan is almost gluten-free and I attribute that to great decrease in pain/inflammation I have had for 16 months.  I am still GF, just not high-protein.  However I am a little nervous that the GF diet may be negatively affecting my DD'ing.  I am finding it much harder to get to that place.  Probably just a coincidence but GF is diet of choice for autism, which is all about turning inward.  They don't have our kind of DD'ing, but what if there is some peripheral connection, at least for me?  I would give up GF in a minute, even if it meant more pain, weight, etc.  Give me back my nights in Tahiti and my days in Darfur.


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