Needs some help. I really appreciate that there is a network like this. My condition started when I was in grade school. I am an excessive day dreamer. When I was in grade school, I can dream with my eyes open and talking to someone. The triggers? Anything that I see, smell, feel,touch and hear triggers my dreaming.

It was lessen when I was in high school but another thing changed, I acquired an inferiority complex.

Now, I am working. But this daydreaming never leaves me but begun to start again. My condition starts to get worse again. when i was dreaming I used to speak the words I have been speaking in my dreaming or doing some gestures that was happening in my dreaming. This makes me unfocused to my work and makes my listening dull.

Please do help.

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Hehe. Don't feel embarrassed over your hand gestures and speaking aloud, i am incapable of not acting out my dream. In other words, if i dance in a dream, i dance in real life. When i am at a public place, i usually daydream dialogue, as it requires no movement. The only real way to keep yourself from daydreaming is to concentrate. You can only concentrate on one thing at a time, so doing somthing that you must give your full attention to will stop the dreaming. If you can, try daydreaming about whatever you are supposed to be doing. If you are taking a test (in high school, you have a job, so just follow the idea), imagine that you are world famous for what you are doing, and this problem is a huge deal. Try and make it fun. 

Thanks, but my condition is very rare because I can dream even when talking to someone or doing something.


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