I was doing some pretty deep daydreaming today and I realized that at a sad part I was actually tearing up a bit. I never realized that I showed my emotions in daydreams on my face in reality..does anybody else do this?

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Yes, regularly.  I can, in general, refrain from showing anything on my face.  But if something strikes me funny, and often does, I will laugh out loud, and then try to cover.  If something is sad, I will also tear up and, if alone, even cry.  I try to snap myself out of mood, if not alone.
I do this all the time.  I even produce physical sensations like goosebumps while daydreaming.  It's embarrassing when I catch myself doing it in public.  I'll be walking to the store and have to stifle a laugh at something one of my characters did.  I know it must look weird.
I get the goosebumps all the time when something exciting happens xD
*wipes tears away* Yup... Just did that like an hour ago. My character died and the other one suffered his loss. Again. D: Weird thing is, I daydream that a lot and it still gets to me. Especially when I fixate on their teary eyes. *details*
I find that I do it a lot more when something dramatic is happening or I'm just plain happy. Today I was driving to band practice and this one song that really makes me daydream came on and I felt a sense of intense happiness and escape and really teared up..
I've learned to coordinate the two :3

TJ said:
Just be careful while your drive and DD. I say this upon personal experience :)
Well...nothings happened...yet I suppose xD

TJ said:
LOL ... so I said to myself ;)
I agree with the driving advice.
This has absolutely happened to me. Occassionally, I will lack the ability to stop smiling or randomly burst out in a fit of giggles ( randomly according to other people of course, I know why I am laughing or smiling ). I do often find myself tearing up over my world (which is strange because sad events in the real world do not make me cry, unless I am being yelled at) and if I am completely alone, I will weep. If something of great excitement happens I get goosebumps. If something horridly embarrassing happens to one of my characters, I began to feel the same dread of when I recall a shameful event in my life.
I do this all the time. My friends think I'm slightly psychotic because they've caught me blinking away, or snickering to myself.
I find I turn my anxiety and sadness into parts of my daydreams in which I can have someone listen and give me complete understanding.  Bothers me in that I don't always deal with real problems.  Or perhaps I've been dealing with them and there seems to be no answers.  Nice to have some to listen and not judge.


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