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So a lot of my daydreams have pretty intense moments, battles or big emotional scenes. Recently when I'm really concentrating on all of it and it gets super busy or intense I almost feel like a wave of electricity is going through my brain. I'm wondering if it's some sort of mental trickery like I'm so into it my brain almost thinks it's real. It's sorta weird, maybe a dash concerning, I usually have to take a breath afterword and a chill. I was just curious if anyone else ever felt this way. 

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Yes absolutely. My daydreams were powerful in my twenties. My mind always felt electrified. Although, people easily found out what I was up to, especially as they clearly noticed my eyes looked spaced out. I was a shy awkward loner who found it hard to express herself aloud to people, so others often ignored me. So I invented worlds where I had fictional friends and partners who were always open and overjoyed to hanging out with me. My daydreams were often erratic and wild, so I constantly felt sensations in my brain, especially when my favorite songs were blaring on the radio. Yes, my dreams did consist of fighting, emotional moments and extreme situations, even magic powers. Apparently, I was entering my 30's and realized that I had to grow up. I couldn't let myself get distracted as I used to. So my daydreams dwindled and my brain stopped feeling this way.

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