Lately I have been getting weird dreams. I don't know why. Nightmares actually. The frequency of these dreams have increased. They make me super uncomfortable. I struggle to wake up from these ones. It feels like slowly suffocating to something. The content of such dreams is just chaotic..nothing is remotely similar to reality. 
Its now every time I go to sleep. I don't know how to stop them. 
I don't know why I am getting them. 
I don't feel like myself when I am in one. 
Is it the sign of something? 

I don't know, I know some people here have additional problems with MDD, I have been trying to deal with anxiety and depression myself. 

Anyways, also happy christmas to all of you. 
Hope you guys enjoy your holidays. 

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Hello Dave,

I have the same problem however, I have had nightmares before I started to day dream. I still do and I am currently working with my psychologist to get the right medication for my nightmares. I see her December 30th. I would advise going to a psychologist. I truly hope the best for you and I hope you have a very amazing Christmas as well.



Well, it's certainly the sign that something's wrong, but I don't think anyone can know what that is if you yourself have no clue. Has anything happened recently that makes you feel bad or uneasy and won't give you peace? It could be something stuck in the back of your head, which you don't really notice or can't pinpoint while you're awake but gives you nightmares all the same.



Now a days I have been quite busy. I discontinued my therapy one and a half years ago. Before that I was in therapy starting from 2013. 
I do get dreams that make me feel uneasy, like about a pending deadline, something related to university, something related to my friends or past partners. But they don't make me feel uncomfortable as these ones. They either leave me emotionally drained or emotionally flooded. I have other dreams about being constantly chased by something. 
But these ones, its like something is slowly suffocating me. I can't really pinpoint the subject of these dreams, its like unrelated pictures being flashed on a screen, continuously changing. But they don't make sense. I can't move, I try to lift a finger or jerk my leg to get out of it, but I can't. And I grow more uncomfortable with time. I used to have such dreams in the past but not so often as now a days. Like I don't even remember the last time I had them. But now...its like most days of the week.  

I'd say there's a lot of stress and pressure in your daily life, after all things like deadlines, university and bad memories that won't go away can be extremely taxing on your wellbeing, I know that by experience. Maybe something in your life has felt wrong for a long time and you feel it needs to change, or maybe things have been changing too much and you can't make any sense of all the chaos. I can't really know since these things are tied to you, but our dreams are always about our lives, so something is clearly off. You may want to sit back and think about what exactly it could be.


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