driving seems to be an almost instant trigger. a lot of people seem to have the autopilot experience. my job is driving, a large school bus in fact. now there are cameras on the bus as well. i have become kind of freakd at the possibility that the camera will catch me acting out some part of the daydream, unaware...

and also brings back the fear that i actually have no recall of what happened during that driving time. 

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hmm....its  a good resposnse ,probably effective for laughing out loud. as bus drivers you would get fired immediately for any of those distracted driving things you listed. especially if the phone is in your hand. to train myself out of it, id have to catch going into it first. usually i only reakize it at the moment of startling to the present, trying to figure out where on earth i am on the route. amazingly i find i have stopped and dropped or picked up students all along the way just fine. sometimes i have missed stops and have to go back,but mostly it goes ok....still its scary....


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