Hello when I daydream instead of roleplaying myself I pretend to be my characters interacting with other characters but when I roleplay as a character I feel unusaul emotions each character I roleplay has a different emotion I feel for that character these emotions are not normal emotions like happy, sad, angry but different for example a character I call bit has a finicky bright imature feeling, izza has a gravelly feeling and jackaline has a feminine perky feeling alot of my characters feelings I feel when roleplaying them are hard to describe with words. Am I the only one who dose this I havnt heard this emotion stuff is a symptom of mdd yet.

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I can kind of understand what you go through.  I don't act out my daydreams, but in my head, they're really full of emotion and intellectual stimulation.  My main character represents an idealized version of me, but I often daydream about the other characters in my fantasy world and their lives, even the ones I can't really relate to.  I feel all their thoughts and emotions really strongly.  My own life is very dull, so this gives me a way to feel things deeply and have intellectual conversations in my own head.  

Yes I do this exact same thing sometimes if I don't have a main character in my daydreams.


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