Does excessive MD absorb a lot of energy from the body?

Does a person with excessive MD most probably would be thin or having abnormal growth?Because it seems most probably who suffer Md likely is thin I think so.Well my question is Does excessive MD can cause a person lose a lot of energy from the body or as well as the brain?

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Studies have been done on TV addiction. Folks addicted to TV lull go into a hypnotic like state of mind while watching TV. They may feel dizzy, dazed, disoriented and sluggish after watching TV for a while. The same folks also may feel excitement and energized (though they don't do anything productive with that energetic feeling) after watching TV on another occasion.

The feeling is not a matter of burning up energy or producing energy. Folks who are sedentary from watching TV or excessive daydreaming also don't have a lot of energy. The same activity that is quite easy for others is very tiresome for them. 

Not using the frontal lobe of the brain much due to watching TV or excessive daydreaming is going to make focus and concentration more difficult, unnatural and taxing for a person.

phoeniX said:

So brain only uses the energy until it reaches certain amount of energy...alright than it does not absorb from the body.Thanks guys now I get it right :)


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