I know some people like daydreaming, but are there any of you out there who wish to get rid of it and just live a normal life? And are there any of you who had it in the past but successfully got rid of it? Please share your stories.

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I used to try to get rid of my MD. But I failed twice. Then, my idea of how to successfully get myself to quit was to kill off my Ideal Me. Because, if she doesn't exist, then the rest of my characters won't, right? Wrong. My characters grieved, and I myself grieved as well. It was just too hard, so I just eventually stopped trying.

Now looking back on it, I'm thinking, 'What was I thinking?!" I couldn't possible give up my daydreams. My daydreams are nearly my other half! My Ideal Me, and all of my other precious characters, are a HUGE part of myself. Now, I think it's best to just continue daydreaming and enjoy it. I mostly have it under control, so why not? If it ever gets out of hand, then I'll consider trying to quit again.


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