This seems like a site that people would perhaps RP (Role-play). I often "act out" my daydreams with friends in the form of RP (Because they're awesome and they don't think I'm too weird :3). But if there are people who RP or wish to RP you can message me or whatever. I was just wondering if any of you guys do, if not okie. Sorry to bother you, I was just wondering.

but if you guys wanna RP or try it you can message me and we could RP together

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I don't. But I have met people on this site before that LARP :)

I use to - my one RP group got kinda weird (God complexes galore) and the other just kinda dissolved as members moved on to new things.

I wish I still had time - it was fun for a long time. Glad to hear some other MDers are also into the hobbie - it's great for exercising for those creative muscles. :-)
well i do. a lot actually.
me n my gf hv been rp-ing for a long time.
we love it and she thinks i come up wid great ideas cause well ive had a lot of practice.

I loved to rp. I was part of this rp site but I stopped going on for like a year or so, and it's been kinda hard to get back into. It is really helpful to put some of your stories into words.

I haven't RPd for quite some time. I'd like to again, since I've been dying to develop some of my characters & exercise my brain.

I've unfortunately never had the chance to try. Always wanted to though! :P

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