I have so many "places" that i daydream, i just jump from one to the next. Sometimes I cant even stay focused on one because someone will appear and my attention is suddenly changed to them. Its like i have a billion drama series in my head on at the same time. Does anyone else experience this or something similar?

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Wow! I feel the same way. I often jump dreams and scenarios. Its crazy. I think I can describe it as a drama frenzy!

Same goes for me. I've been writing stories for years and practically live them in my head as I write them, so I have those worlds in there. Besides the completely fictional places that deal with the stories I'm writing or the TV shows I watch, I also have this constant daydream, which is sort of like having someone else live inside my world, basically the whole my ideal world thing. It's especially when I'm listening to music on the bus that I skip from dayream to daydream depending on what song I'm listening to (same goes for watching TV and certain scenes taking me to certain daydreams). It's all a bit of a mess I guess.


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