Does anyone get angry when their fantasies are interrupted?

I've noticed that I get very annoyed when I'm in the midst of a DD and someone needs something from me. I'm curious if that's common? I'm also curious in hearing how you adapt to this. 

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This happens a lot to me. The worst is when my daughter, who is 2 1/2, interrupts a daydream because I don't want to snap at a child! Thankfully she keeps me so busy that I cannot fit a daydream in. It's worst with my husband, because I'll snap at him if he interrupts me (by snap I mean a snarky comment or response). He doesn't know about my MD, but he said you always act like it's such a huge inconvenience when I ask you something. There is no way at this time that I could tell him about MD, I mean I only learned the term and joined this site today! So I felt alone I am also curious how people adapt to this irritation at being disrupted...
I get scared. When people pop out f no where then I get mad. I feel bad when I do and zone people out :\


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