Does anyone else's daydreams involve "breaking the fourth wall"?

By that I mean I sometimes make references to the fact that I'm daydreaming. A select group of my characters know they're imaginary and make jokes about it. For example, if I tell them to stop acting immature, then they'll respond with "Says the girl who still has 50 billion imaginary friends!"

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I never mix daydreams with the real world - there is no connection. When I read your post I thought I'll try, but  for me it is not possible. I can't talk to my dreamworld, my charakters won't talk to me. I can't even mix the different storylines. MDD is also no topic in my daydreams.

Sometimes, especially if I can't make a part of my story work well, characters can criticize me. 'Well I'm not even real anyway!' in a joking manner.

The storyline of my daydreams sometimes continues when I'm not there. Most of my characters don't know they're imaginary (if I told them they would freak out), so I explain my sudden disappearances by telling them that I'm from another dimension and have to return to my other dimension (which is kind of true, in a way).

Most of my daydreams involve the real me in a near future so these days I am daydreaming about sharing with someone or a group of people how I managed to stop daydreaming! 



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