Sometimes in a daydream storyline (especially if its something really exciting/suspenseful) I'll just imagine the main parts of the story and "fast forward"/skip ahead some parts, then fill in the details later. Does anyone else do that?

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Yeah I do that a lot, I skip for the cool parts (battle scenes and what not) 

yeah i use to do that all the teim

Yup. Always

Absolutely. My daydreams are basically never in order. One thing that I do more often than skipping parts though is that I will re-imagine the really interesting parts over and over and over again. Also, if I get to a point where the story line becomes too boring, convoluted, or repetitive, I will go back to the beginning and start over. Basically I just have a framework of characters and general plot and I will just choose which scenes to be a part of at any given time.


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