Does anyone dream about negative scenarios? Ones about escaping captivity, getting into fights, being victimized,  or dramatic/chaotic situations? If so, talk about them. Maybe we can dig deep and findout why we daydream about this stuff. Maybe it could be something in our subconscious, or maybe repressed memories? Stop by, and drop a line if you daydream about negative scenarios.

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I've had to deal with a lot of anger and stress in my life (as in other kids deliberately making me mad and then laughing at me for being mad every single school day, LITERALLY 6 HOURS of homework PER NIGHT in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, moving twice--both times to a different state, parents being overprotective, just to name a few). I think that's why my daydreams are violent and depressing sometimes.
My characters have tragic back stories. They were genetically engineered as part of an experiment. They messed up the experiment on purpose so the scientists would be forced to end it, but even though the experiment is over the scientists are still trying to control them. A lot of them are orphans. One was brainwashed into becoming a serial killer but snapped out of it and regretted his actions. Another one got mad at his family and ran away from home and was hunted by some people who were trying to kill him. He came back home but then realized his family was in danger because of him (everything was okay later, though). My character has parents who are great people but are never home and pay hardly any attention to her or her siblings. She practically has to raise her younger siblings all by herself (while the whole experiment thing is still going on, mind you). Eventually, along with some family friends, she took control of several planets and set up an intergalactic empire. It was determined that her family should be the ruling family, but her parents don't like the idea of the whole space empire thing very much at all and leave all the responsibility of ruling an empire to her (and she is only 14 at this point). Keep in mind that she STILL has to raise her very difficult younger siblings, because even though her family is obviously very rich by now her parents refuse to hire a nanny.
She also had to balance going to 2 schools at once. Her parents make her go to a regular Earth high school, but at one point she had to go to night school to learn about military strategy. She also had 2 near-death experiences that kind of led to each other (almost getting killed by a bomb during a war, then getting captured by the enemy because she was unconscious and almost being executed).

yes mine get worse and worse always like being kidnapped or like tortured or somethign and i have no clue why because ive experienced like no trauma at all in my life & i cant even think of what i'd be using it as an escape for.

One of the very first daydreams I ever had involved this character that was my best friend because at the time I was alone and didn't really had anyone, so I made a friend in my mind. Over time, her story got rather dark and she is no longer in my daydreams. Some of the first daydreams I ever had were very violent and depressing. I had a world where my mother died from cancer and my father was very abusive. I've always wondered why my MDD experience started out with such negative daydreams. I've never had any trauma in real life that I would escape from.

I tend to daydream about negative scenarios all the time. I don't know why, but I always have, even when I was a kid. 


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