do your day dreams follow real time? or do they have a beginning and an end?

Im just curious how other peoples day dreams play out. Does your day dream world follow real time? for example, do your characters age and progress? have children and jobs? like a parallel reality running at the same time as ours?

Or do you create stories that follow familiar themes and once they have played out you start again?

This seems to be how mine go, My main characters stay the same and the story line is always kind of similar but the details change each time. Once my characters get their happily ever after I like to start it all over again from the beginning.

If your this type of daydreamer Im just wandering how long it takes for your day dreams to play out before starting new?

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I've been living in the same fantasy world since I was 9, and I'm 32 now.  My fantasies happen in real time.  Things keep moving when I'm not daydreaming, so I have to catch up after a break, which usually isn't too long.  

"This seems to be how mine go, My main characters stay the same and the story line is always kind of similar but the details change each time. Once my characters get their happily ever after I like to start it all over again from the beginning."

That's me also. ususally only a day or two between. The story line is almost the same every time, there are a few character "sets" based on the time frame of the DD. But for some reason I can't continue the happily ever after part. You know, keep the DD going with everything good. It restarts, with the same challenges to be over come. Flustrating sometimes.

My characters do age and progress, but I tend to jump so quickly from one period of time to another that I had to make up for the gaps in between. So I often shift from one period of time to another in order to "fill in the gaps."

I'm always in real dd runs along with my real life, so as things transpire in my real life, my dd goes with it.  For example, we have a lot of drama and issues at work, so my dd progresses as things change at work.  I will replay recent stuff at times, go over and over again with it...but overall, it progresses with my life.  I dd about work and my personal life, but not about my kids or family.

All of the above.

Probably the best way to describe my daydreams is a screenplay or a book, which follows its characters through their entire lifetimes. Writer has an idea, drafts out a story and gathers all possible information about the theme. Some scenes/characters/dialogues/relationships/etc. are removed, some edited or expanded. It takes a while to finish a book or a screenplay - there are so many details to work through after all. This is followed by a director/actor/reader phase, in which I can enjoy rereading or more like replaying the story or its parts over and over again, until I'm satisfied and fulfilled. Then I move on to another storyline or just refresh current storyline with something new.

Ya, mine progress, age, have kids etc etc.  Its not really real time.  There are times I skip ahead a few years to certain milestones.  I sometimes just skip the everyday living stuff. Like getting up for work and sending the kids to school such and such. 

there have been times i've started over. like you said with same characters but some small details changed.  sometimes i re-live the beginning whole falling in love part. then go back to my story line.  i've been on this particular 'story' for almost a year now.  and my day dreams differ on amount of time it takes for them to play out.  some are a few months, some are years. and ya, i have similar themes..usually a military hero type. confident, cool, can handle anything type.  well thats mine

I do both. I have one set of characters I created when I was 11 and they have aged along with me and have gone through the changes of becoming a teenager and then a young adult, figuring out what they want to do with their lives.

But when I daydream about my romance guy I tend to repeat various scenes only changing them slightly and then begin again when they are done. I tried having these daydreams in real time like I do with my other characters but my mind does not seem to be able to do that for some reason. I'm not sure how long it takes for my daydreams to play out since I started these a year ago and they are still going on. Only occasionally do I create a new scenario and then never revisit it. I seem to have more fun with the one time daydreams though. I wonder why that is .

So, i have two DD worlds, on one it's a parallel reality, so today it's december 04th on real life and in this DD world. On the other, it's more complicated. It's a huge storyline and there's a past, a present and a future and I daydream with random scenes.

my daydreams are like a book i m writing follows real time but i can go forth n back .....also i can add expand n eliminate any part i don't like

Time is rarely meaningful in my DDs. Most of them are like exploration trips, where I think on a possible situation and never re-visit again. The few stable characters I have act like imaginary friends, they don't have a world of their own.

I have 1 or 2 "real" storylines, but the characters in them aren't as "alive" as my "imaginary friends", if you know what I mean. It's as if I'm writing a book and their existence is stamped in the pages, detached from real time. Also, my stories often have storyline gaps I may have to fill later, just like writing a book.

So, it's either short trips with no huge regard for time, or storyboxes with their very own timeline. 


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