I see some people say that they don't want tiger I'd of their MDD. I know for a fact that I have MDD, but I've gotten better and I don't do it as much as I used to. I really want to get rid of my MDD all together, because I'm just tired of imagining to be what I'm not 
I just want to be me. I'm tired of imagining scenarios while listening to music ..... It's like MDD has filled up my head. Iwhat about you. Do you want to get rid of your problems or are you happy with your problems 

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I don't want to get rid of it completely. Like I try to give myself 10-15 mins a day( dosen't always work, because my mind drifts.). I want to be able to live life happy, and without the brain drifts and forgetfulness. Though if I were to get rid if it complete I would lose something very important to me.
Id like to be rid of it. I am sick and tired of daydreaming of being someone I'm not. I'm tired of being successful in my dreams and not in real life. I'm tired of dreaming of being all the things I'm not in real life. On the one hand I can't blame myself as my real life sucks. If only I could improve it more, I think I'd at least daydream less.

I've managed to be able to concentrate on what needs my attention. My biggest issue used to be that I was having trouble with school work, or completing projects. I've been able to put MD on the backpedal while doing manual work, so if I'm drawing for a few hours, while I am paying attention to the drawing, I am also DDing. It gets most intense during workouts, while I'm on the treadmill or whatever. I can also shut it off completely when absolutely necessary, like for papers or reading.

Since I currently have a roommate, and neither of us go out much, my daydreaming had to be significantly cut down. I experienced a really heavy time of depression from that, and it affected my art and health quite badly.

I am kind of focused on protecting my MD, I want to keep it and make sure that as long as I have it controlled, it doesn't slip away from me. I find that when I've been too occupied and haven't had time to daydream, depression creeps up on me and it feels like my mind has no freedom.

I would be miserable without my second world.


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