So I was thinking about the characters in my daydreams & what roles they fill. In every DD scenario, no matter how different the realm, I always have a set of roles present that characters play. A strong Alpha male who is very protective of me, An incredibly smart friend who is skilled in the art of science/Chemestry but not very socially adept & the friend who is just supportive Do you all have types?

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In all of my daydreams, my characters are very very consistent. My daydreams are influenced/triggered by the anime "Naruto." The three main characters are: an extremely handsome mysterious/broken man who's my "love interest" (influenced by Sasuke from Naruto), an extremely supportive and fun childhood friend who's basically like my brother (influenced by Naruto from Naruto), and myself, a beautiful, intelligent, top surgeon (influenced by Sakura from Naruto). In every single daydream, all three of those characters are present.


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