do your daydreams make you depressed often. Would you say that people with md get depressed more easily than people without it. Also do you guys procastinate alot what are some ways to stop procastinating.

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Ah, yes. I'd say that procrastination is a major thing.

Though, I couldn't tell you how to stop procrastinating, because I'm still trying to figure that out.

My daydreams used to make me depressed often.  I still get bouts of depression from the fact that my life is pretty dull in general, and I don't do much of anything, but it's not as much about my MD as it used to be.  I have a lot of other issues, as well.  My procrastination is horrible.  

I have daydreamed my entire life, and I only got depression after I had basically quit for about seven months and wasn't even thinking about DD anymore. At least in my life, the two were completely unrelated.

Procrastination... um, yeah. No kidding. The only way I am able to stop procrastinating is to literally schedule out my entire day and designate time to work every day even if I don't have work due soon. I have to change the schedule a lot too because I will only stick to the schedule that I create for like a week. It does work for me though, but only if the schedules are incredibly detailed. Otherwise, I won't stick to it.

Me 2 get depressed often , but one thing i noticed is that ,till every thing is ok in my life , as per my expectations, i have no depression, no dd, nothing ...but as situation changes against me .. all these things again start happening to me , plz suggest me some thing so that i can make it stop
I have not been officially diagnosed but I do suffer from depression. I can do for long periods of feeling low and not eating or communicating with anyone. When I am in this mode this is when I procrastinate. I think my daydreams act as an anti depressant. They give me vigor and life and give me a reason to smile, ( too much sometimes) so no. Not for me. I do think that without depression and others changed in my life ths perhaps, I would not MD as much. Maybe not at all.


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