I have this habit since high school. Whenever I meet a nice person, I  start daydreaming that they love me(I don't have the same feelings). It makes me happy so I keep daydreaming more about that person and then I get obssessed with it. Does anyone else do this? can anyone explain why I do this?

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Yeah, I understand how that feels, because I feel it too. About 6 months back, when college opened in the middle of lockdown, I met this girl again who was a friend of mine. We spent the afternoon together, she showed some signs that she likes me, and I developed feelings. As I was mustering the courage to ask her out, I found that she was committed to someone and it was a rough 6 months after, that I let go of her from my head.

P.S : I see you're from TN as well, same as me. 

Hey hi. Great to hear that u r from Chennai too. I have a similar story too. I thought my senior had feelings for me, he was very sweet to me (which later I realised that's how he behaves with everyone) and I developed feelings for him too. Then I started fantasizing about us. I really thought he liked me. I told my friend who then told him and other seniors which caused trouble for me. And then I realised he didn't have any feelings for me. Now he doesn't even talk to me. It took me a while to recover from all that. Recently I got to know that he is committed to my friend.

Ouch, I understand how much that hurts. Feelings of envy followed for me definitely. It took me 6 months to move on, and since then, I try my best not to create expectations at all.

I'm so glad I have met a fellow Chennai'ite here, and if it's okay with you, we can share our experiences more.

Woah. I found Indians!!

Are you Indian too, Mary?

Romance plays a big part in my daydream scenarios. I've never been in a relationship, I'm a very private person. Every time someone tries to get close, I shut them out. I still crave closeness though, so I daydream, and that, in turn, causes my expectations to get really high, impossibly high. It's a huge problem for me and even though I'm aware of it and what it is doing to me, I find it really hard to stop.


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