I have NEVER had an actual dream about my daydreams (that I can remember). I've been fantasizing my whole life and I have never had a dream about the characters in my fantasy world or any of the stories I've created in it. I have spent so much time over the years daydreaming, and have created so much detail in my fantasy world yet none of it has ever come up in my actual dreams. I find this interesting and was wondering how it works for other people......

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Well most of my daydream-characters are real people, so yes I have dreamed about them, but never about the characters I've made up, luckily.


I have dreamed about my daydreaming many times though.... if that makes sense. Like a few nights ago, I had this dream where I was standing on a balcony and I was thinking (in the dream) "Wow, I can't believe I'm so focused and don't zone out".

Well this is interesting to me.  I'm almost able to say never, if it weren't for one dream that I had last year.  One of my characters appeared in a dream, he had gotten a hair cut, it looked really good on him.  He smiled at me.  That was it.  He just stood there and smiled.  It was a bit frightening to see him as if he were real and that he had cut his hair, like he had a will of his own.  Thankfully that's the only dream I have ever had with any of my fantasy characters.

I just recently started having  dreams about my characters. Calling them dreams is actually a bit of an understatement, its just a small portion of my dream. But the last two nights I had a character from my daydream appear in my sleeping dream

I once dreamed that I was bringing my family to visit my old school-but it was my daydream family and I realised I accidentally left my daydream baby (it was a while ago, he was a newborn then, but now he is two and has a younger brother) in the car.

That's the only time though.

Yes. Quite often actually. Either I'm DD in my dreams or I am one of my DD characters, those are always the best ones. 


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