Do most people here have the urge to exercise when daydreaming?

I've actually used this to my advantage somewhat. I'll set aside one or two hours a day to daydream, and when I daydream, I exercise. I'll walk really fast/run on the treadmill, do pushups, sit ups, lift weights. For some reason, daydreaming just makes me want to get up and go. Is this a healthy habit? Is this the same as pacing? If I didn't daydream, then I would never want to exercise.

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That's a great habit! I wish I could daydream while doing chores lol. I can usually daydream while doing things like sweeping, but when it comes to cleaning up my room, I can't concentrate on daydreaming so I'll usually put the tv on to distract me just the right amount.

lizbourbon said:
I often daydream while doing the dishes. Not really exercise, but still useful isn't it? Because it makes a bit of sound it doesn't bother me if I laugh or talk out loud during dreaming. I sometimes have the urge to run as well, but I always run outside so I have to be aware of my surroundings. I'd love my own treadmill, but my apartment is seriously too small for that! For now, I'll just stick to houskeeping :-)


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