MD without a story? Feelings of MD, but not wrapped in a storyline

Talking about MD, we talk about long, complex, detailed stories and pacing and music and so on. Has anyone experienced these feelings that MD elicits... the calmness, joy, safety, and so on... when doing things without a story? Like looking at some pictures on pinterest or other sources (sometimes associated with the MD story)? Sometimes when listening to particular music too, without a story here either?

I gradually stopped doing MD with stories and characters altogether over the past six months, but sometimes I'm really drawn to pics and music that give me that same calm, energizing feeling. When I worry about the future and think up stupid future possibilities I stop myself too, so as not to MD. But those don't give me that elating feeling that MD gives.

(I thought of posting some of the pics, but it's just fantasy people in ornate layered clothing).

Anyone else experiencing MD feelings ... without stories? Anyone with an opinion whether this stuff is beneficial or bad? In my opinion it's 'dangerous' escapism, and I should just be more mindful in the present... but it's tough, sometimes, if the alternative is so much sweeter.

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I wouldn't consider that MD at all... when I think about MD, I think about stories.
But I experience that feeling watching some pictures on Pinterest.

I'm attracted especially by those picture of cosy spaces in homes, with a lot of books.
It's the same feeling of MD, like "I feel this could be real" or "I clearly see myself in that situation" but there's no story.

Is this what you mean?

It does share an origin with MD. I think the picture we are attracted are part of that same inner world we express in daydreaming.


Exactly that! It's like a thick cozy wool blanket that covers all of those worried feelings. The same cozy feeling as MD. 

On the other hand, when mindful and not MDing, it's a feeling like being a stressed haystack, not cozy at all.

Because it was such an attainable "MD", I tried hunting down the perfect picture/outfit so as to actually just get it out of my system. But it kept changing with time, remaining elusive, only representative for aspects (such as safety, comfort, joy...). This is why I think it's a feeling that remains hidden behind it, and that it's still MD.

I'd really like to get behind it, understand it.... Obviously, this stuff is nigh unsearchable for.... When I incorporate these feelings into my real life, the magic will be gone from the pictures? I think so. But that's ok.

And yes, your pic looks incredibly cozy, and I completely understand that ;D

Me too, am just looking at pictures in pinterest and listening to music for 18 hours ,
I dont using facbook,but you can texting me on my facbook account "ayyob gs"
My picture is homer simpson

The quality of my storyline has 'degraded'. i don't have vivid storylines like I used too but just random dialogues and conversations in my head and the feelings associated with it. It feel a lot more like mental static nowdays.

Getting the same feeling that MD gives you but from other sources sounds kinda normal.  I sometimes get similar feelings when when listening to or playing music or when drawing or painting.  With both music and art, my world falls away from me and I am drawn into what I'm doing/listening to.  The same goes with reading certain types of stories, especially the collections you find online about times when people had to deal with a Karen, revenge stories, etc.

This isn't MD, though, unless what you're doing also includes daydreaming.  There are many forms of escapism, I guess.  I mean, for me MD is more than that, but that is a part of it in a way.  Some are healthy, while others not so much.  I think the only things you have to worry about it is if it consumes you or interrupts your ability to take care of yourself or maintain relationships.  In that way, it needs to be treated the way you would an addiction. 

In therapy I had learned that we all find ways to distract ourselves from stressors or unwanted feelings/memories.  I've learned that these distractions can be very healthy.  They're even suggested as a way to cope with things like depression or suicidal ideation.  Reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, doing some artwork, writing (from stories to journaling), watching a favorite TV show, surfing the internet....these are all healthy ways to cope that were recommended to me over the years.  I've done them, but I always go back to MD.

I think escapism is healthy so long as it's not consuming and done only as a way to cope.  You still need to face what is going on in your life.


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